The Thrillhammers

The Southern experience can only be told by men who lived it, whose roots dig deep in the gnarled clay of the region, a part of the world marked by clans and moonshine, canning jars and creek bank baptisms. Men like Faulkner, Wolfe and Tennessee Williams wrote eloquent stories about it, along with songwriters like Hank and Gregg, Cash and Van Zant. 

 The Thrillhammers join that list. With a grinding blend of Memphis soul, Muscle Shoals musicality and Appalachian attitude, the songs paint an unflinching portrait of life, love, happiness and hardship. The shared vocals shift from tender and heartfelt to rocking and raw while guitar, drums and keyboards provide some of the best southern riffs and rhythms in more than a decade. 

Songs like “Wages of Love” and “Hippie House" show the band’s versatility while “Shine" draws the listener into a world they have only read about in literature. “Gold Mine Road” is another example of the band’s ability to paint vivid and haunting mental imagery while drawing the listener in with hard riffs and passionate vocals.

The Southerner will know every character, every corner, and every feeling poured out by the Thrillhammers. And those from outside the region will gain another glimpse into a part of American artistry too often tossed aside. 

Steve Eubanks

NY Times Bestselling Author


We named this album Highway 369 for lots of reasons.

We looked out our window at the cool places, history,
and people that have lived nearby, and decided to write
this album for them.

About them.
About us.

Maybe about you.

We spent almost two years writing, re-writing, recording
and mastering it. We recorded it right off the highway. We
realized this road is the centerpiece of the best tales on the album, and it’s the title of the final track.
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